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  • Maritim Anlagenkennzeignung: Schiffsssicherheit fängt an mit Stell Safety starts with Stell.
    Safe on Board
  • Maritim Anlagenkennzeignung: Stell Safety starts with Stell.
    Safe on Board
Stell: Anlagen- und Verfahrenstechnische kennzeichnungen in der Energiebranche
Anlagen- und Verfahrenstechnische kennzeichnungen in der Chemiebranche
Stell: Flucht- und Rettungswegkennzeichnungen im Maritimbereich
Stell: Anlagen- und Verfahrenstechnische Kennzeichnung; Flucht- und Rettungswegkennzeichnungen im Industriebereich

Safety is our priority

Every day thousands of ships pass through international waters: ships from every corner of the globe, on countless different routes, with all types of different facilities, cargo and purposes. Organizations such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) work hard to provide safe transport on our seas, canals and rivers. Nonetheless, safety should be as much of concern on board the ship as it is on the open waters. Safety equipment, emergency exits, and escape routes on board have to be easy to spot and clearly recognizable in order to keep disorientation to a minimum in stressful situations.

As your partner from the beginning we employ our ‘All Round Approach’ to take the burden of coordinating emergency plans off your shoulders. We provide a detailed evaluation of surroundings, manufacture high-quality products from our own production and install your labelling and signage in accordance with professional standards. We are also always glad to cooperate with external organizations in order to help you with your classification approval.

Whether you are dealing with cruise ships, long-distance ferries, cargo ships, yachts, oil rigs or a dockyard: the safety of passengers, crew and personnel should always come first.
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Let safety be your priority: Low Location Lighting System

Accidents and unexpected situations inevitably expose the human body to stress, which may lead to disorientation and panic in even the most familiar environments. Since 1993 the installation of a Low Location Lighting System has been a necessary requirement for ships and ferries to ensure safe, efficient evacuation. In accordance with all relevant regulations our experienced specialists skilfully employ our Luxolight® Quality LLL system which has received the "wheelmark" certificate. Our staff takes care to create reliable documentation regarding the correct on-site installation and light measurement procedures.
Safety starts with Stell
Safety starts with Stell