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Stell: Clear Messages energize you Business.
Stell: Anlagen- und Verfahrenstechnische kennzeichnungen in der Energiebranche
Anlagen- und Verfahrenstechnische kennzeichnungen in der Chemiebranche
Stell: Flucht- und Rettungswegkennzeichnungen im Maritimbereich
Stell: Anlagen- und Verfahrenstechnische Kennzeichnung; Flucht- und Rettungswegkennzeichnungen im Industriebereich
technical signs and signage


See it to feel it

On average, people remember about 90% of what they have done, 20% of what they have heard and only 10% of what they have read. The necessary, if not sometimes complex, information, which your employees and visitors must deal with, can have a great impact on the operational performance, safety and efficiency of your company. For this reason, it is expedient to convey written information by the form of signs in appropriate and meaningful locations, where they are easy to spot.

Information about the service life and properties of a machine or components, special requirements for the surroundings of the equipment and particular instructions for individual objects are all made constantly available for the reader by our mechanical or laser engraving sign technology. The printing methods we offer have proved to be highly efficient due to their long-term colour intensity and easy readability and are a good alternative.

Our experienced employees gladly inform you about possible colour, quality and material and production possibilities during the planning phase of your project. Thanks to our large raw materials warehouse, we are able to deliver your signs quickly and at a time to suit you. If applicable, you can choose from a wide range of dimensions and appearances for your signs, so that your individual working environment and maybe corporate design concepts can always be taken into account.

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Safety starts with Stell
Safety starts with Stell
Safety starts with Stell