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Long-lasting safety signage

Long-lasting safety thanks to photoluminescent quality

In dangerous situations such as thick smoke, sudden black outs or simple disorientation, conventional signs might not always be the best choice. Nonetheless, indicating escape routes and advice for adequate behaviour remains the top priority in these exceptional situations. With poor visibility conditions, where escape routes can be easily missed and safety signs are often no longer readable, our LUXOLIGHT® signs play an importatnt role – one which has even become an official requirement in many areas of German life.

Our LUXOLIGHT® signs absorb the UV radiation from environmental lighting and release the energy, thus are visible even in otherwise pitch-black surroundings. These photoluminescent labelling stand out in the darkness and draw the attention to the specified escape routes and safety signs indicating the correct code of conduct to be followed in unusual circumstances. Our labelling, with their easy-to-understand and easy-to-recognize designs, can be crucial in critical moments and transform your workers’ and visitors’ surroundings into a safe environment.

LUXOLIGHT® provides a photoluminescent solution for such challenging problems. And, as a registered Stell GmbH trademark, it also serves as a proof of our high-quality standard. Long-lasting are our products, long-lasting are our services – long lasts the photoluminescent lighting LUXOLIGHT®.

Quality for every customer

We have extended the certified quality of our LUXOLIGHT® range to other products:
  • For our Stell “Stecksystem” we use a special basis material, LUXOTHERM®, which has been specially produced for our purposes. This thermoplastic, with its remarkable ability to withstand exposure to UV-radiation and high temperatures, is used mainly in energy plants and chemical parks.
  • Engraved signs, however, are made by using a different material called LUXOGRAPH®, a high-grade engravable plastic with very good temperature resistance.
  • LUXOFOIL® is an engravable and damage resistant film, which can be used in any product area.

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