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Stell GmbH Bocholt, NRW: Anlagenkennzeignung
Stell: Anlagen- und Verfahrenstechnische kennzeichnungen in der Energiebranche
Anlagen- und Verfahrenstechnische kennzeichnungen in der Chemiebranche
Stell: Flucht- und Rettungswegkennzeichnungen im Maritimbereich
Stell: Anlagen- und Verfahrenstechnische Kennzeichnung; Flucht- und Rettungswegkennzeichnungen im Industriebereich

From Bocholt to Europe – from Energy to the Sea

Business partners Rudolf and Thomas Stell found Stell GmbH & Co. KG.
Rudolf Stell takes control of running the business, supported by Thomas Stell in basic operational business decisions.

Having finished his studies and Thomas Stell decided to dedicate himself completely to the company and corollary Stell GmbH & Co. KG was transformed into Stell GmbH. In his new position as a company manager, Thomas Stell develops innovative, patented solutions for process labelling, e.g. the original "Stell Stecksystem".
The Company takes on new employees every month for the next two years in order to keep up with its rapid growth.

During the founding period around 1973 Stell GmbH had focused mainly on nuclear power stations, however by the early eighties Stell begins greatly to widen its client base.
Rudolf Stell retires from all his positions, leaving Thomas Stell as the sole partner and company manager.

The continuous growth of Stell, both at home and abroad, spurs the company’s successful search for reliable partners for long-term cooperation, among others Dipl. Ing. Rubert Huber in Vienna/Austria.

Due to continued success and expansion, the company moves base from Herzogstraße to a bigger facility: a 2750 m2 building in the Mussumer Industrial Estate, Raiffeisenring 35.

The Company seals further cooperative deals with national and international partners e.g. Collinder Märksystem AB from Sweden and Busse GmbH from Leipzig.

With its new screen printing facilities, Stell GmbH opens its second production department to give itself a second foothold in the market: Registered safety signs and safety related signs.

Stell GmbH signs a framework agreement with Siemens AG: Stell provides all plant and process labelling (KKS) for Siemens new building power plants on a worldwide scale.
In order to ensure particular service to the Benelux countries, Thomas Stell founds the Stell B.V. in Dinxperlo, thus creating the company’s first international base.

ASV Stuebbe Italia Srl joins Stell’s ever-growing network of partners.

Stell GmbH develops its first own brand: the photoluminescent LUXOLIGHT® signs remain a successful, high-quality product range to this day.

Stell’s branch expansion in the early 80s continues to pay off: A framework agreement is signed to provide all process labelling for the Bayer AG and its subsidiary companies. In the process, working facilities on the Bayer chemical industrial parks in Leverkusen and Dormagen are hired.

Stell GmbH passes the ISO 9000 qualification and is awarded with the safety management certificate SCC**. In addition, Stell's products for low location lighting systems (LLL) on ships, available in two qualities - LUXOLIGHT® Standard and LUXOLIGHT® Plus – receive the "Wheelmark" certificate by the SeeBG authority.

Thomas Stell hands over all his Stell GmbH shareholdings to his son Jan Bernd Stell.

First great successes in the maritime industry: the Queen Mary 2 is partly equipped with Stell products.

Expansion of Stell's headquarters: the company occupies now 3200 m2 on Raiffeneisenring 37.

Stell GmbH signs a cooperation agreement with G&N Zeichentechnik GbR for commissioned projects in the CAD work area and increases its common stock capital to € 500,000.

The Swiss company CSF Wunderle GmbH further strengthens Stell GmbH’s network of partner firms.

G&N Zeichentechnik GbR is integrated into Stell GmbH. Production is supplemented by the creation of a CAD department which, in turn, facilitates the opening of an office for CAD work at the Dusseldorf airport.

Thomas Stell’s son Jan Bernd Stell becomes an active member of Stell GmbH. Starting as the head of sales, he joins his father in the position of company manager.

As one generation gives way to another, long-serving company manager Thomas Stell resigns from his position in Stell GmbH. He continues in his duties as company partner and manager in the Dutch branch, Stell B.V.
In addition, Stell GmbH adds new premises at 35 Raiffeneisenring and in doing so increases its space for production by 1000 m2.

Having finished all operative work in the Stell B.V. Thomas Stell logically consistent hands over his shares and the company management of the Dutch branch to his son Jan Bernd Stell.