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  • Stell: Clear comprehension.  Clear Messages energize you Business. Clear comprehension. By Stell
    Clear Messages energize you Business.
  • Safety starts with Stell. Safe on Board Safety starts with Stell.
    Safe on Board
  • Stell: Clear comprehension.  Comprehend with Stell! Clear comprehension. By Stell
    Comprehend with Stell!
  • Safety starts with Stell. Get out of here! Safety starts with Stell.
    Get out of here!
Stell: Anlagen- und Verfahrenstechnische kennzeichnungen in der Energiebranche
Anlagen- und Verfahrenstechnische kennzeichnungen in der Chemiebranche
Stell: Flucht- und Rettungswegkennzeichnungen im Maritimbereich
Stell: Anlagen- und Verfahrenstechnische Kennzeichnung; Flucht- und Rettungswegkennzeichnungen im Industriebereich

All Round Approach 1: Project planning

STELL-Allround Approach - Project planning Your work is your passion. A uniform and easy-to-understand working environment makes your job and the job of your co-workers and external parties much easier, increases efficiency and improves communication. It serves as a helping hand for operating and maintaining your equipment and reduces the mistakes on your piping and instrumentation drawing, thus facilitating your systems operation and control.

Registered safety signs are mandatory in public and commercial buildings, as well as on transport. A good labelling and signage ensures safety for your colleagues and visitors by providing information about your escape routes, including their current location and path, assembly points, fire fighting equipment and safety equipment. This concise, easily-recognizable and consistent information specifies the appropriate behaviour in the case of a fire or an accident, thus ensuring a safe environment.

In order to establish a safe working environment we determine the current labelling status of your premises and structures by means of an on-site evaluation. We conduct discussions about necessary materials, flexible manufacture, installation and documentation with our customers in advance. We examine your individual needs and record it as a basis to make future provisions for your equipment, the manufacture of your health and safety labelling and/or the creation of an escape and rescue plan.

Our "All Round Approach" for the conceptualizing of your signage and labelling can also include revising the content or graphics and layouts before production. We factor in elements such as legal and architectural considerations and environmental impact when manufacturing and installing your signs.

Don’t hesitate to arrange an appointment for individual consultation and advice. Just give us a call, so that we can begin to plan for your needs and create a production and installation outline alongside necessary documentation.